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World Series $5,000 Grand Prize Winner - Officer Carter

World Series $5,000 Grand Prize winner in services goes to Officer Carter from #HPD ! He got into an accident with a drunk driver that nearly cost him his life. Please #tag and #share to let Officer Carter know that he’s in our thoughts & prayers. 


What Happened ?

Officer Roshad Carter was working a crash scene with other officers on U.S. 59 near Newcastle just before 3 a.m. on July 28 when they heard screeching tires behind them. Carter turned to face the headlights of a car speeding straight toward him."Next thing I know, I have an individual screaming," Carter said in a video interview posted online by the police department. "I turn around. Before I knew it, there was a car right up on me...I had less than a second to react to the situation."

He said that had he not jumped off the freeway, the car would have likely killed him. Carter did not realize how high he was above the ground."I just kept thinking to myself, when am I going to stop falling?" 

His Injuries

At the hospital, doctors discovered he had broken two bones in his back and injured his spinal cord. He also sprained both his ankles. Despite the severity of his injuries, Carter is expected to recover.  

Officer Carter Career

 A seven-year veteran, he is assigned to the department's DWI task force. 

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